The Riddoch Coonawarra wine story.

As the founder of the Coonawarra fruit colony in 1891, John Riddoch is regarded as one of the fathers of Australian wine. Now, over 125 years later, the Riddoch legacy has continued with a range of Riddoch wines that draw on the region’s rich terra rossa soil.


Now crafted by another wine legend, Neil Doddridge, the wines have won multiple medals at Australian and international wine shows and are packed with bold flavours that honour the legacy of John Riddoch.





Coonawarra Region

Coonawarra is situated in the Limestone Coast of South Australia, approximately 400 km South of Adelaide. The rich red terra rossa loam, pure underground water reserves and free draining limestone gravel, together with the unique weather patterns and long cool ripening season, combine to produce the unique wine character. The fruit is grown on two wire vertical trellis, hand pruned and shoot-thinned to give low yields, consistent fruit quality and a distinctive flavour.